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When I Needed You

Love has no boundaries. It is the one thing in life that I know I can cross the line with. There are so many walls that we need to put up nowadays, metaphorical ones that is. So many people and so many things that just can't be in our lives and require us to turn away and build a wall to cover what we can no longer take in.

But love heals all these things. It melts these walls and turns our hearts into pure souls who can forgive, move on, and do better each and everyday. 💙

My new single, "When I Needed You," releasing July 6, 2021 is a song about needing and yearning for something bigger in life. You know that feeling, I'm sure, when things look so bleak that you need more light than the human heart can give. That's when we need something bigger to help us through.

When I was contemplating suicide a few years ago, I needed a light that would remind me all hope is not lost. I needed to know faith wasn't bleak enough to give up on me. I needed to know there was a light waiting for me at the end of long rabbit hole.

There was...the light came in the form of God. But not in the sense that I completely realized it during the silent chaotic moments that left me in tears, a bottle of pills in my hand. 💊

When I wrote "When I Needed You" I thought about those times when life just couldn't be any colder and yet somehow it broke record levels. Then I thought about my brother, my two cats, and my angel in heaven. They helped me live another day.

And sometimes another day is all you need to give life another go.

God works in mysterious ways. In all the time I've known him (and it's been quite a while), I know that I could never understand why he does the things he does. Why he lets me go on without knowing why...

But I am still here, somehow, and maybe those things he did were his way of telling me why.

"When I Needed You" reflects on what life really is. How hard it really is. But if you are still here, let me just say you are STRONG.💪

When you listen to this new single, I want you to remember that even when life seems no longer worth it...there is hope. There will be another day, if you keep fighting. God will be there for you.

That's why you are still here.

And so am I.


👇Below is a preview of my new single, recently sung at a live performance on StageIt.

Share your story about the one in life you need most (comments section below), I'd love to hear it and the rest of the community would too!

Here's to hope and a new song...coming soon! 🌷


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