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TRIBE Mentality🦋

There was once a butterfly without a tribe...

By now you may have heard the my latest release "Butterfly" has gone live. But what you may not know is that this new album brings you to a whole "other" world!

Picture this: A great forest filled with acres of leafy green trees and rich soil. Sunlight streaming through the spaces where only the tree branches touch. Flowers growing along the brook and moss covering the stones.

Then you see a beautiful monarch and ember-colored butterfly flying toward you. Suddenly, this pure spirit flutters in circles around you and you are transported into this "other" world...

Welcome, to the "TRIBE!"

The Butterfly Tribe is the place where this pure fantasy becomes real in a metaphorical sense. Where a group of fellow butterflies of all colors come together and share the good with one another.

At times, we all need a place like that.

I suppose this "butterfly tribe" came out of my yearning for more unconditional love in my life after years of battling depression. Or maybe it was the longing for freedom I so desperately wanted when I felt imprisoned by those around me who just didn't believe.

Whatever it was, this Tribe is a place where YOU can join me! Where you can be yourself and know that you are safe.

If you are a spiritual being, a person struggling with depression/anxiety, or someone who simply seeks more peaceful moments during their chaotic and stressful days than this group is for you!

The Butterfly Tribe is a small group of folks who are coming together to share their love of fantasy, pop & folk music, and freedom of expression through online means. Starting off as a Facebook Group, I am hoping to grow the tribe into a service that offers self-help through soulful means.

So, I am taking this month's Crossroads blog post off, in order to invite you to join The Butterfly Tribe!

A small and growing group of Butterflies that will learn how and be inspired to release their true colors to the world!

Are you ready to fly?

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