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The Emerald Escape

Every now and then I lay down in my bed and just think.

I think about everything but life - at least I try.

I think about the moon and the stars and Saturn and/or Venus watching me from outside my window, high in the velvet blue sky. 🪐

I try to escape.

March is the month of the Irish. It is a time for many of us to reflect on our ancestry and where we come from, whether or not we are blessed with Irish roots.

I've never been to Ireland.

My great-grandfather and others before him, who originally hailed from County Tipperary, came to America over a century ago. I'm not sure why they came, possibly for a better life or a fresh start - or maybe they simply crossed the pond because they could.

Even though I never met my ancestors who once lived on the Emerald Isle, I know, somehow, not a day went by while living in America did they not think about their home along the shores.

America was there home now, well, at least for some of my ancestors. Others made their home on the green fields of Canada.

They must have been scared, excited, and maybe even a little confused. They must have been anxious about the future before them. They must have felt a little lonely.

I can't tell you exactly how my ancestors felt when they stepped foot on American soil for the first time. I can however, tell you that despite what they felt - they were the epitome of courage.

Courage takes the ability to see through fear and live beyond it.

Most of us have had at least a few ancestors come here from other places around the world. Places where we've never been, ironically.

It is their courage in you, that I think helps us survive each new day and encourages us to live it with bravery and see life through innocent eyes. We must not be naïve about life, but I think we also must hold on to that fascination of what life is in the present moment.

Life is full of choices; crossroads that alter our destiny.

But it's worth it.

For, like when my great-grandfather landed on American soil all those years ago only to marry an immigrant from Portugal, we must live it with courage.

So as I lay down tonight and contemplate all the places my dreams will go, I close my eyes and escape, once more, to the Emerald Isle.

I hope this St. Patrick's Day blesses you with the luck of the Irish (and the bubbly 😉)!

Happy March,

Michelle :)

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