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The Butterfly Within

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

When you think of butterflies what do you think of?

Beauty and grace? Colorfulness?

When I think of butterflies I think of how drawn they are to embrace their fire within. They are tiny intuitive creatures who know instinctively what is coming and how to prepare for it. If only humans could be the same way. Right?

But, just like butterflies; before we can move forward we must transform. We must stay inside our cocoon and wait for the light. I think in a way this really emanates with what’s going on in the world.

We are stuck inside our houses (a.k.a.) our cocoons; forced to be patient during an uncertain time. It’s rough.

But where and when darkness falls, the lights always follows. We may be stuck inside our cocoons now, but imagine where we’ll be when the light finally cracks open our shells and we spring out into a new life! That’s something to look forward to…

Butterfly EP: The Album

I am writing this blog from my office/studio. In other words, the place where the magic happens when it comes to my music and my craft. It’s not fancy or state-of-the-art. Heck, it’s only got one window and a tiny closest. But in so many ways, it’s perfect for me. It’s where I am crafting the words and listening to the tracks that could possibly be on my next album; Butterfly.

Butterfly, my new album was set to release in May of this year. But like everything else, the times-they-are-a-changin.’ The pandemic and the stay-at-home orders have forced me to take a step back from the recording studio and wait. However, I am crossing my fingers that it won’t be too long before this butterfly can be set free to you and the rest of our great community!

Let’s hope for an early summer release, STC (subject to change).

Anyway, not only are the other aspects of the album (like cover design, promo, and perfecting the jams) keeping me busy – but I am also going through a transformation of my own both spiritually and physically.

Over the past four months, my cocoon has kept me from doing so many of the things I love like hiking and singing and cooking. It’s been quite unnerving, to say the least. But surgery (major surgery) takes a lot out of you.

I’m not going to go into detail about what happened, because I am just not ready to be that open. But I want you to know that it’s in part because of your support that helped me get through the past few months. And it’s that support that keeps me going now…

Change is hard. Don’t you agree? It can be uncertain and worrisome and it can push us to the breaking point. But change is also a part of transformation. It challenges you to see life from a deeper perspective.

Spiritually, my faith has shaken me. I have been thrown around so many times in life that it feels like I am being punished for something I didn’t even know I did.

These past few months when the road to recovery has gotten hard and life was using me as its punching bag, it was hard not to throw in the towel.

I think the one thing that made me keep going was the darkness of my past, ironically, and how I changed from those past experiences. I’ve been to the breaking point before and the fact that I didn’t fall over the edge (even though I was hanging by my fingertips) made me stronger. It made me change.

So I am still changing, but stronger for it and stronger because of it. It’s those little life experiences that we have and we don’t know why that makes us into the person we are and help us in the times that get rough, even if we don’t always realize it.

Just like a caterpillar my recovery and transformation are going inch by inch. But I am ready to awaken from this cocoon. I am ready to transform…

Have a story about your own metamorphosis? Share it in the comments section. I’d love to hear it!

Stay safe out there,


Remember there’s a #butterfly within all of us. 🦋

P.S. The video is an extension of this blog that I think you can connect with 😊

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