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Happy New Hope!

Life is hard.

If there is one thing humanity has learned from 2020, it’s that life is hard.

But we’ve also learned that we are strong.

We are strong enough to face the dark with bravery and courage.

We are strong enough to forgive and move forward.

We are strong enough to love.

I don’t know how the next year will find us. Maybe it will start off a little bit difficult and then gradually make it’s way to okay again. Or maybe, with a little hope, things will turn out even better!

If there is one thing I’ve learned this past year is that hope, although never a strategy, is the strength needed to keep the light on.

That little flame burning on the candle that provides us just enough light to see through the darkness, that is hope. That is what we must hold onto – even when things are good.

So when things aren’t really okay, we know we will be.

I hope you have had a not-so-bad year, in spite of everything. I hope you have loved a little more and learned from the things in your life that mean so much.

But most of all, I hope that you are doing okay.

As I sit hear typing this out I am thinking of the many prayers I will say for you and for the world. I will keep you in my thoughts this New Year and I hope that wherever it finds you – you have a little music in your heart and hope to light the way.

Never give up. Life is hard. But YOU are stronger.

I sincerely wish you and yours a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Talk soon,

Michelle 😊

P.S. Get ready because in 2021, musically, there are going to be a few great surprises/changes I know you will LOVE!

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