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Going Through Changes

I'm not sure if this month has a theme to it, but lately I've been thinking a lot about myself.

How selfish does that sound?

Anyway, have you ever sat up at night or maybe during a quiet moment in the day and asked yourself; am I where I want to be? How 'bout a more pointed question; Am I where I need to be?

Yeah, I've been thinking a lot about that too. 😩

I guess, during this pandemic we've all taken a step back from our "normal" lives. Some of us have started to rethink out futures and some of us have recently discovered new hobbies and interests we've never thought twice about in the olden days.

Then again, some of us have spent most of our time watching Netflix. 😉

But I digress.

As I begin work on a new album, I begin to think of the story I want to tell and the message I want to convey through each song. Every time I even think about releasing new music I am haunted by the question; am I where I want to be musically, creatively, spiritually?

It is in these moments that I feel growth. The moments where I am not quite sure which direction I will go but I know I want it to be bigger and better than before.

So, while I am working on the new album (and don't worry I want you to be a part of it - details to come soon), I find myself discovering that now is the time for change. 🌷

Now is the time to let go of my fears and sing the song I was meant to.

Sounds so cliché, but when you hear my new single "When I Needed You," I think you'll begin to know what I mean.

Change is always a little hard and growing is never really that easy. But it is in those moments that life becomes anew. Life begins to inspire and fascinate you again like a child looking at the ocean for the first time.

Life is meant to be lived through the heart - because that is when and where love is captured.

I hope you're doing well out there now that things are starting to open up again (kind of like fresh blooms on a spring day). Remember, that when life brings about change it's its own way of saying; "I still care about you. I know you can do this." 👍

Never give up.

~ Michelle :)

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