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Happy (almost) Winter!

The new album Winter Glow has officially released and now I can sit back and relax for the rest of the season...AS IF!

The truth is, that, like Santa, the holidays are the busiest time of year for so many of us.

Personally, the winter and holiday season is both an exciting and somber time. As a Pagan with Christian roots, I have learned to take some time during the darker months to reflect and see things through a different perspective.

It's funny how different things look in the realize that you only need to light a spark to see things in a whole new light.

Winter Glow, my new holiday EP, is dedicated not just to Christmas or the holidays - but it pays homage to the winter season itself. After the holidays, it is easy to forget the magic of winter.

This is the time of year where we open our hearts and yet, perhaps ironically, we also close our eyes. But closing your eyes in the dark doesn't make it go away - it only makes things darker.

Winter is a time to overcome fears, traumas, and pain. Walking the path of light doesn't mean you won't be in the dark. It means you will always have a light to guide you through the dark.

Like a cocoon, the dark can help us to grow, transform, and ultimately make our lights stronger so when spring (season of light) finally comes back around we will be ready to spread our wings and FLY!

I wanted this album to reflect the traditions of Christmas that mean so much to many of us. But, I also wanted it to reflect the non-traditional traditions of the winter solstice - a time that means everything to me.

So, if you listen to the second track on the album either streaming on Spotify, iTunes, etc. or downloading the album here, the song "Solstice," is dedicated to celebrating the coming of new.

In the Pagan tradition we believe in the "winter child." This is a young babe who is reborn every year to help us renew our spirits in the eyes of magick and light. After all, the colder it gets the warmer our hearts glow. This is winter's greatest lesson.

So, if you haven't yet taken a listen to my new album; I encourage you to check it out! Along with the lyric video of the title track (watch below) this four-song EP will help you celebrate the season of winter as it should be: with love in your heart and magick in your soul.

(As cheesy as that may sound.)

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season! 🎄


Michelle :)

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