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From Light to Dark (Samhain Hope)

"In the rapture of my dark haven,

I imagine I am over the rainbow.

I imagine a time of life and love;

I close my eyes tightly,

Hoping to imagine this time into reality."

It doesn't quite seem like we're going into the season of darkness, does it? It kind of feels like we're already there - and we've been there for a while.

I think that's why, now more than ever, we must hang on to what little light we have left.

As we head into the colder months in the Western Hemisphere we begin to contemplate our lives by way of measurement. Where are we? Have we accomplished most of what we set out to do in the past months? What is going to happen next?

The excerpt from my poem, "Dark Haven," from my book Shadows: Poems of Reflection and Life, is all about living in that dark cocoon. The place deep inside of you that is a little dark yet because of this darkness you see the light. You see your soul.

Ironic, isn't it?

Growing up, I did the usual trick-or-treating around the neighborhood with my brothers, cousins, and friends. I painted bare pumpkins and placed a new face on myself when the time came to dress up in costume. My favorite being Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Growing a bit older now, I still look forward to October 31st. Handing out treats to little princesses and little monsters is so special. It reminds me that All Hallows Eve is a day where we can be anything we can possibly imagine and no one can judge.

But among the cars driving by playing "Monster Mash" and the spooky decorations in the neighbor's yard, there is a sense of quiet about the earth on this night.

That quiet, that dark haven, is something I have learned to cherish and reflect upon just as my ancestors who came before once did all those years ago in Ireland.

Samhain is a time when a little darkness goes a long way.

We tend to see the dark as a bad thing. A thing that we can't control. The unknown.

But what if we viewed the darkness through the eyes of those who have gone before us. What would we see?

If who has gone before us once gave us something to smile upon we may see a star in the sky. If who has gone before us once gave us a hard time, we may see forgiveness is right.

No matter what we see during the season of dark we must remember, just as Dumbledore told Harry Potter, all we need to do is turn the light on.

So as we go from a seasonal light to dark, we must remember that it is the love we carry with us that will, ultimately, light the dark.

Happy Samhain! 🎃

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