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If you haven't heard, my new single (demo version) is now available for download.

Sometimes I feel like life is too much. Ever have those days?

As someone who struggles with mental health, the good days tend to be few and far between while the not-so-good days are not so far from the maddening crowd.

One of the biggest themes I like to talk about in my music is; home. Home is the place your heart can rest and your mind can heal. Home, is a place where the spirit can be free and the soul can renew. It's any place you can finally feel safe and okay.

When I wrote "Belong," I thought about that place and the new horizons that I believe will greet me when I am ready to fly. Home doesn't have to be where you live or the people you live with - home is any place you feel you belong.

Some of us are lucky to find this place in another person, an animal friend, or in a passion. Others find it within themselves while those around them find it in spirituality and family.

Wherever you find your place to call home, hold onto it. Cherish and appreciate it the best you can because, for so many lost souls out there, a home is their most pressing yearning.

I look for home in the eyes of my cats and dog, I look for home in my family, and I look for home in the Heavens.

What about you?

I know, firsthand, that life's journey can be brutal. But it's holding onto the belief that there is a home to where you belong, that can help you live to fight another day.

I hope that this spring brings new blessings and a renewed sense of spirit. #nevergiveup

Here's to belonging!

~ Michelle Sarasin

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