Michelle's Mini-Bio 

Michelle Sarasin is a world pop artist with a flair for operatic, epic, and folk music. Her music style is unique to that of other international artists because it not only combines a stylistic and authentic epic pop sound, but it also encompasses elements heard from musical genres throughout the world such as folk, jazz, and euro pop. Her angelic yet powerful vocals combined with her experience in classical, Celtic, jazz, and alternative rock gives her music a mix of vulnerability and realness.

Though she has done several covers and performed the songs of other great songwriters, the heart of Michelle’s lyrics come from her written songs and poems. Her lyrics are very powerful which combines splendidly with the “epic” yet “alternative” side of the instrumentals. The music and lyrics she personally creates have a dark flair to them, that is very intimate and real – which is not as common among today’s pop artists.

Michelle’s music has been described by fans and top producers alike as “beautiful and emotional.” Though she enjoys combining her powerful vocals with the epic sound of her music, she has a vulnerable side that shows colors of deep connection with her listeners. Classical instruments such as brass and strings are a large part of her world music yet she also successfully blends a rock and pop sound to give her listeners a full scope of the meaning and story to each song.

Influenced by epic and contemporary pop music artists such as Sia, Carly Rae Jepsen, Ellie Goulding, and Avril Lavigne – Michelle’s emotionally charged vocals are inspired by Josh Groban, Tony Bennett, Enya, and Christina Aguilera. Her music and voice has often been compared to powerful singers including Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand with her biggest personal influence being Judy Garland. She has a vintage quality to her music which makes it stand out and connect with listeners both new and old to the world pop genre.

As an upcoming and acclaimed word pop artist and singer-songwriter, Michelle Sarasin has a unique way of grabbing the listener by the heart and holding on to their attention until the song is over.