"I believe in living my life through three qualities;  guts, gumption, and grace." ~ Michelle Sarasin

Singer | Actress | Writer

Michelle Sarasin

Life has a way of letting you know what it wants you to do and where its want you to go. But ultimately, it's your decision to take the journey.

As an operatic pop artist, actress, and poet I believe and rely heavily on freedom of expression. Without freedom of life and freedom of expression life is fruitless.

I remember when I first started on this journey of becoming an entertainer. I was only four years old and down the runway I went; flashing lights, strange people, and one huge smile on my innocent face.

As you can see or hear in my art, I am no longer as innocent but I am just as powerful. I never compromise on my dreams and I continue to live my truth each and everyday.

There is nothing quite like experiencing the war of ailing mental health or the high I get from expressing both my deep pain & sorrow and my sparks of light that help me continue my calling.

My life has inspired my art and my art has inspired me. So, I now share this art of music, acting, writing, and entrepreneurship with you. 

I know that in sharing my voice I can help those who feel alone, lost, or just in need of some escapism and fun from today's chaotic world. 

I hope that when you listen to my music, watch my movies, and read my poetry you will find a connection to something greater inside that you never let go.

Keep goin' on!

~ Michelle ‚Äč