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The Work

Michelle's acting resume began in theater early on and worked well into film/television. She has had a variety of jobs throughout the acting world including producing, directing, and hosting. Her work as both a leading lady and supporting actress, she blends a unique style of Method Acting and Classical Techniques. Learn more about her work and upcoming projects below!


The Monologue Series

A series of monologues both original and classic, Michelle's monologue montage is one that will have you feeling emotional, uplifted, and inspired.


Sunday Greats

Michelle's first web series, Sunday Greats takes viewers on a journey through the lives of the greatest figures in history! Written, produced, and hosted by Michelle Sarasin.

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Mythical Musings

Michelle has been both a live on-camera host as well as radio DJ and podcaster. She writes, produces, and hosts the popular mythological based series, Mythical Musings.


ANA: Part 1

Michelle's first short film, aNa is heading into production soon. Release date is set for late 2022 or early 2023. Check back for updates!

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