1. Everytime

2. Something Stupid

3. Addicted

4. Healing Incantation

5. Stop Standing There

6. We Belong Together*

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Michelle Sarasin plays women with guts, gumption, and grace. As a classically trained actress and singer, she brings a depth of vulnerability, courage and complexity to her work. Michelle is not afraid to explore the inner darkness of the women she plays, but she finds a way to balance her characters with humor and lightness. She has been called a future "leading lady" by actors such as Rod Rowland (Legaices, NCIS). Her voice has a unique ability to engage, entertain, and take the audience on an epic journey.

The Writer

  • Something Stupid0:42

The Actress


Michelle Sarasin

International operatic pop artist and now national award-winning author, Michelle Sarasin has rocked the world with her mystifying music and her beautiful poetry. Her first published collection of poetry, Shadows: Poems of Reflection and Life has given readers and poet enthusiasts alike an unforgettable and unique blend of darkness and light that takes them along an epic journey through the trials and triumphs life has given all of us. Click the button below to purchase your e-book version now!